Tips to keep your kid healthy this school year

Establish routine bedtimes for your child
School-aged children should be in bed, falling asleep by 9 pm
Shut off TV, ipad, video games 30 minutes prior to bedtime
Shut off any lights in the bedroom during sleep
(even small amounts of light can affect sleep cycle)
Get natural sunlight during the day (that means playing outside!)
Sleep in a tidy environment, no clutter – feng shui does work!

Physical Activity:
Exercise is Medicine! Good for immune function, metabolism, better sleep
Kids should be getting upwards of 90 minutes a day

Food is Medicine! Food is the foundation of health
Less refined and processed carbs at every meal
(refined carbs includes: cereal, waffles, pancakes, potato chips, bagels, pasta, sandwich,etc..)
More healthy fats and healthy protein at every meal


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