Environmental Chemicals and toxins

car exhaustThis is a popular topic today as research is finding out that chemicals are causing illness, especially in our most vulnerable population: kids. Now, we know that toxins actually are damaging before our children are born. While pregnant, the mother can actually transfer her toxic exposures to her child. The unfortunate part is that the fetus cannot detoxify these chemicals. Hence, many chemicals can lead to illness, including neurodevelopmental disorders. This has been by witnessed by mercury and lead exposure, but now it is not just the heavy metals, it is the chemicals leaching from plastics and the pesticide and herbicide use in our lawns.

Many diseases are now linked to these chemicals known as “endocrine disruptors”, such as early puberty, thyroid disease, obesity, and even cancer.

So what can you do to limit the exposure? We’re inundated with car exhaust, air pollution, and every day chemicals used at work, but we can limit it by avoiding chemicals on our lawn and in our house to kill bugs. It takes a bit more work to pluck weeds and use sticky traps. Here are some ideas for healthy alternatives to harsh pesticide chemicals: LINK


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